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Born in Geneva. Egxon Shabani is a creator that has always had a inner need to express himself through art. Growing up he experienced drawing, painting, graphic designs, music and even acting.

With determination and ambition he engaged into music production, sound-engineering, digital painting, and all that whilst studying graphic designs in an art school. School in which he got successfuly got his Graphic Designs Degree in 2022.

During all his years of perseverence, he gathered a lot of experience and knowledge in a broad range of artistic fields making him, a true human swiss knife.


A human swiss knife

Graphic designer

Having had an attray for graphic designs ever since a child. I took my chances and got in the CFPArts school of Geneva.

And I know have my Graphic Design Degree.

Digital Painter

Started drawing casually at five years old. Today I'm twenty-four, and able to draw almost photo-realistic digital paintings.

Mostly about space, because space is very important to me. It calmes me.


During my years of apprenticeship I got to learn how to use a professional camera, lighting equipments, and editing softwares to create great looking pictures.

Soundtrack producer

I compose, produce, mix and master my own songs with care and the outmost attention.

Soundtracks for motion pictures as much as original productions.

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